How to Know the Key Differences Between Using a Cleanser and a Shampoo

With the many different options we have for curl cleansing, it is a wonder we know what to do at all.  This is why educating oneself on what is great to use for your hair is a very important task. Especially when it comes to cleansing your hair.

The cleansing process is fundamental for creating a healthy foundation for healthy hair care.  It is the process of removing excess dirt, debris and oils from the hair. This may seem odd to some, seeing that oils are healthy for the hair: providing lubrication to the scalp and hair strands and protection from styling and the elements of the environment. While this is very true, oil is very important for hair growth, length retention, hair loss prevention, and the prevention of scalp disorders. Therefore, the truth is that yes, oils are important and due to such significance, you must cleanse your hair appropriately.

Cleansing your hair and scalp is important for regulating the oil your scalp produces. Excessive sebum on the hair and scalp could lead to a heavy build up, limp or lifeless hair, and scalp infections. Cleansing the scalp will remove the oil that is ready to be rinsed off, allowing for new sebum to be created by the body. This cycle is necessary for the continued development of a healthy, balanced scalp.

However, you must cleanse your hair appropriately. Over- cleansing, or using curly hair care products that are too harsh for your hair could be counter productive. These types of cleansers, which are typically found in shampoos, can dry the hair out. Typical shampoos use detergents like Sodium Laurel Sulfate for example, a chemical very similar to soap that hair companies use as cleansing agents within shampoos. Due to the delicate nature of curly hair, harsh shampoos with ingredients that strip your hair or leave the hair feeling overly clean should be avoided.

A safe way to find what you need is to look at the name and description of the cleanser. CURLS Creamy Curls Cleanser is a gentle, moisturizing shampoo, and serves as a great example of a product that will attract to the excess oil, dirt and debris that must be removed while leaving traces of healthy oils that your hair needs.

So the choice is yours: shampoo, or curl cleanser?


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