Ready for a New Look? Here are 3 ways to Update Your Look for this Fall Season!

11694153_10153508237742650_2885574602602765533_nFall is here!  Way to kick it off by updating your hair care routine and style.  The summer season ended with warm breezes, intense sunrays, and cool water.  Summer trends included free flowing curls, well defined locks and frizz free styles.  But change is upon us!  The fall trends include trendy headgear; sleek low do’s and smooth frizz free looks.  Here is how you can incorporate these looks into your new ‘do!

Trendy Headgear

Barrettes, bows and scarves are what’s hot this fall.  Decorate your curls with textured headwear this season starting with a palette of fresh curls as your style foundation.  Using the best products for curly hair, cleanse and condition your hair with CURLS Creamy Curls Cleanser and Coconut Curlada Conditioner to protect your curls against the change of the season.  Style with a curl defining styler like CURLS Gel-les’c for frizz free ringlets to last you all day long.  Top your luscious locks with your choice of head garments to upgrade your style in the last months of the year.

Sleek Low Do’s

Fresh locks this fall include sleek do’s but this time; direct your tendrils to the back of your head rather than the top of your head.  Smooth with products formulated for natural curly hair like CURLS Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Paste along the edges of the hairline and style your hanging curls with loose twists tucked around your ponytail with hairpins.

Smooth Frizz Free Locks

Finally, if you want to wear your hair out and about, opt for a smooth curl out with organic styling aids.  A curl control concoction will give you just the definition you need with a shiny finish.

Utilize one or more of these three fall trends this season to create your best looks of the year! Use them all in one day or alternate these trends for variety in your style regimen. Enjoy!


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