Choosing the Right Shampoo Could Make or Literally Break Your Curly Hair

11220921_10153480049012650_4013944450983539372_nWhat’s a girl to do when there are so many shampoos, cleansers, and now co-washes to choose from in the marketplace? Well, although it can be difficult to choose, it’s in your BEST interest to make the right choice for your strands. Here’s how!

Knowing what your hair needs and wants is the first step in making the right product decisions for your hair care routine! The best products for curly hair will include natural elements and extracts from plant based sources to nourish your hair from the inside out.By taking a look at the ingredients in the bottle as well as the product description you can tell a LOT about the quality of the product you are evaluating.   Look to make sure it is formulated for curly hair. If it is, it should have loads of healthy ingredients that hold in the moisture of your hair and will not compromise its integrity.

Curls ConditionerThe CURLS Creamy Curl Cleanser is a perfect selection for you and can easily be considered the best shampoo for curly hair and includes Carrot seed extract and Horse Chestnut Extract. Even if you are wavy, curly or kinky, with your particular hair type in mind, this cleanser forms a gentle cream based lather to maintain your hydration while cleansing the hair of excess oil and irritants like toxins and pollutants from the elements. This cleanser can be used as often as you need it, as it will not strip your hair of its goodness. Follow all cleansing sessions with a complementary conditioner like the Coconut Curlada Conditioner to bring total balance to your hair.

So remember to look for your cleanser to be formulated for curly hair and check the back of the bottle to see if it includes natural extracts and other nourishing agents to protect your textured tendrils!


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