Curls Girls Rule The World- Empowerment Initiative for Women and Girls

11255461_10153359625617650_2982520452870362158_nWomen and girls are coming together, sparked by the fire from world renowned hair care brand, CURLS to take control of their destinies through personal power and determination.

The empowerment initiative’s roots, spring from Mahisha Dellinger, CEO/Founder of CURLS, and author of “Against All Odds: from the Projects to the Penthouse.”  In her tell-all book, she shares her journey of singlehandedly taking her future in her own hands and in turn creating the CURLS Empire we know today.  Growing up on the streets of Sacramento, Dellinger was poised for a life filled with struggle and heartache.  Surrounded by drugs and the effects of poor choices, left Dellinger with a choice of her own; to accept the lot she had been given, or write a new story.  She chose the latter and changed the outcome of her life through hard work and education.  Through her personal memoire, she shares her belief in the fortitude and tenacity of women.  Knowing that women hold the power to change their undesired circumstances into what their minds can imagine!  For this cause, Dellinger consistently supports activities that empowers and educates women and girls, particularly in the realm of entrepreneurship.

Her journey has led to a successful career in the beauty industry, meeting the needs of women challenged with finding naturally curly hair care to meet their unique curly hair needs. Having firsthand experience with the same issue, Mahisha Dellinger met the desires of others by meeting her own need for naturally curly hair products.  Today CURLS is a multi million-dollar company, poised for continued success.  Curls Girls Rule the World is an Empowerment project to give back to women, motivating them to live the lives they deserve.

The pulse of this initiative ignites the fire within each and every girl and/or woman and magnifies our individual strength as we come together.  Women and girls who have a message about their own path to triumph should get involved by sharing their motiving message socially and tag it with #CurlsGirlsRuleTheWorld or send an email to Stay tuned to this powerful movement as it sweeps the globe in a positive direction, propelling women to seize their lives and take charge of their destiny.

Like us on our “ Curls Girls Rule the World” Facebook Page to stay tuned for more!


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