Naturally Curly Black Hair Needs Exceptional Care For Growth and Maintenance


What’s the number one concern for afro-textured hair? Manageability! Women would love to finally find a products or technique to help them gain control of their curls and kinks.

Don’t worry! Help is available! With the right information about products, hair care and styling techniques, you can finally have a strong handle on caring for your, and your family’s afro-textured hair.   The trick is to be aware of the best products and the best techniques, but more importantly, to be consistent with the products and techniques. Here is a quick guide for caring for textured hair.

Overall Care

This hair type appears to be strong and resilient due to its dense appearance, but the truth is in exact opposition. Curly and kinky hair is actually fragile and requires different methods of care. For example, refrain from combing/detangling your hair until after finger styling on wet, conditioned hair. This ensures that your hair has protection from the product and if your hair is extra curly or coily, it will be in its stretched hair. You can also detangle your hair when dry by prepping it with organic coconut oil for protection. Remember to handle your hair with understanding and patience. Take your time with your hair to prevent excess and unnecessary breakage.

Cleansing and Conditioning

Use gentle products like CURLS hair care in place of your regular shampoo and conditioner. Notice how your hair feels after applying the product. This hair type should cleanse the hair as needed rather than on a methodical schedule. Hair ONLY needs to be purified during specific times when oil has built up on the scalp, or dirt and debris are present. Other important cleansing times are after swimming in salt water or chlorine. After cleansing, ALWAYS follow with a conditioner and add a deep conditioner once a month to your regimen.


Afro-textured hair is naturally dry and responds best to rich organic, plant-based products infused with elements from nature to enhance the condition the hair rather than taking away from the condition of your hair. Styling Products for Curly Hair should include Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Certified Organic coconut oil and other natural additives. Steer clear from harsh gels, silicones and sulfates for best results.

With these tips, tricks and product choices, you can absolutely manage your highly textured hair and those of your family! Visit for more information.


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