Unsure of which Curly Q’s Styler to Choose for your Little One’s Curly Hair? Here’s How!

images (4)All children will reap the wonderful benefits of using CURLY Q’s as their product line of choice.  Formulated to be the best hair products for curly hair they will leave your angel’s hair hydrated, detangled and styled with perfection… with little effort.

The product line comes with the Curlie Cutie Cleansing Cream that you can use on their hair when they need a cleansing, followed by the Coconut Dream Conditioner.  The Conditioner should be used after every cleansing session, but also whenever you need to add a burst of hydration through a conditioning rinse.  Seal the deal with Moist Curls- Moisturizer/Detangler spray to gently rid the hair of any tangles or snags and now you are ready to style.

Which Styler is Best for My Child?

Curly Q Milkshake

This styler is formulated for fine hair.   Fine hair is determined by the thickness of each strand.  If the hair is smaller in diameter when compared to a regular piece of thread, it is fine. This styler will define and defrizz your child’s curly hair.  You can use it for all styles and find that this one will not leave their hair greasy or heavy.

Curly Q Custard

This styler is formulated specifically for thick, kinky curly hair.  If your child’s hair strands are larger in diameter than a standard piece of thread, then you found yourself the best styler for your little one.  The product has nourishing emollients to lock in moisture, defrizz, define and style those curls.  Use for All styles including Braids and twist styles.

Curly Q Gel-les’c Curl Jelly

This one can be used for any of your children whether they have fine or thick strands.  As a light styler, it will control your hair with a bit of hold but will not weigh the hair down.  You can even use this styler AFTER using the Milkshake or Custard for a stellar finish!

So there you have it, choose the stylers that are best for your little Curly Q.  Finally something you both will love!


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