3 Tips for Caring for Fine, Delicate Strands Using Consistent and Effective Methods

UntitledYour hair is unique and personal to you and no one in the world has the same exact hair that you have.   While that makes you special and unique, it can get quite lonely and it’s easy to feel as though no one understands your struggles. So it’s much easier to look at the similarities between us and share whatever tips we can to help one another out.

How to tell if your hair is fine?
Take a regular piece of thread and compare to a strand of your hair.  If your hair is “skinnier” in diameter to the piece of thread, you have fine hair.  This has nothing to do with the density or bulk of your hair, but simply indicates the size of each strand.

Fine hair is more delicate than any other types.  Its lightweight can however cause the bulk of your hair to often tangle and form single strand knots. Another challenge with this kind of hair is that many products can weigh the hair down, making it look greasy, oils and lack volume.  Here are some tips to combat your fine strand woes.

1.  Use a curl safe shampoo

Your hair is special, don’t just put anything on it.  Use only the Best shampoo for curly hair.Heavy sulfate shampoos leave fine hair stripped of its natural oils and weakens the hair shaft over a short amount of time.  Instead, use CURLS Curlicious Curl Cleanser.

2.  Go Easy on the Deep Conditioning

When deciding to deep treat your hair, first assess its needs.  If your hair feels strong and moisturized, do not apply a heavy moisturizing conditioner.  Fine hair typically is on the pourous side and absorbs the conditioning contents very easily.  Over conditioning could leave your hair gummy and lifeless and could quickly cause a build up.

3.  Use Helpful Curl Stylers for Definition and Volume

Nothing is worse than dull, clumpy curls with fine hair.  Use a light styler like CURLS Milkshake, specifically formulated for Fine hair.

Fine hair is still gorgeous hair!  To make the most of it, use only the best shampoo for curly hair, deep condition your hair with accuracy and choose light, curl enhancing stylers in your regimen!


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