Feeling the Fuzzies this spring? Calm your Frizz with a Moisturizing Hair Care Regimen

hair care productOur little delicate strands are truly complex hair fibers. Each layer works together to make the hard keratin and within the internal structure are tiny water molecules. Therefore a healthy moisture balance is essential to healthy hair. Here is a sample regimen to calm your frizzies this season.

CLEANSE– A gentle cleanser is really important when hair is displaying a lot of frizz because it is communicating that it is thirsty and trying to grab onto hydration from the environment. TheCURLS Creamy Curl Cleanser (retail) or Curlicious Curls Cleanser (Professional) are great options to choose from. You should use a cleanser as often as your hair needs cleansing; no more and no less. So, consider washing your hair no more than once a week unless you work out a lot or work outdoors.

CONDITION– After each cleanse, follow up with an organic based conditioner, a gentle conditioning formula that leaves a lot of moisture onto the strands without a lot of buildup. Try the Coconut Curlada Conditioner (retail) or the Coconut Sublime (professional). Another use for your conditioner is for refreshing with a mid-week rinse or using it to change up your style when your hair is not quite “dirty” enough to need a formal cleanse.

MOISTURIZE– After your conditioner, apply the Lavish Curls Moisturizer (retail) or Quenched Curls Moisturizer (professional) to your strands to boost the moisture. Simply spray onto your hair and spread evenly. The leave in will gently coat your strands to prep for styling while adding the moisture you crave. You can also use this to refresh your curls in the morning or when you need a quick curl booster.

SEAL/STYLE– While your hair is developing into higher moisture levels, it will be important to seal in the moisture you have just added. Do this with a healthy cream styler like the Creme Brule ( retail) or Curls Milkshake- for fine hair, Curls Souffle- for medium density, or Whipped Cream Curl Cream- for thick , kinky curls ( professional items). As you apply the cream, be sure to rake the product through to smooth the strands and develop your curl pattern. You could stop at this step if you like the definition of your hair. For added hold, move onto the next step.

STYLE/HOLD– A botanical based gel styler will provide amazing curl definition, and hold without stiff or sticky curls. Goddess Curls Gel (retail) is a clear botanical gel that can hold your curls as well as the Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Jelly, Cashmere Curl Jelly,and CURLS Gel-les’c which is a light serum like gel.

Ready to jump start your new moisture regimen?Do so by using the good products for curly hair. You can find CURLS retail items at Target, and select Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, and Sally’s Beauty Supply. CURLS Professional products can be found at http://www.curls.biz.


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