A Healthy Naturally Curly Hair Care Regiment Will Always Include a Few Crucial Elements

Have you created a naturally curly hair care regiment that is thorough and complete?  Maybe it’s time to take another look to make sure you have everything covered.

Maybe you believe you have been doing everything right?  Well, my question to you would be, “Are you seeing the results you want?”  There could be something you’ve missed.  Here are a few things to review in your naturally curly hair care regiment.

Product Selection

If you are still using low quality ingredients in your hair products, your hair will surely suffer.  Our hair is part of our body ancurly haird required delicate care.  I highly suggest choosing a product line that will meet your need for nourishment, conditioning and hydration, while also considering your styling needs.  Curly hair is delicate and must be treated as such.  CURLS is a curly hair product line that you can trust with your curls and it’s great for children as well.  The first step towards healthy hair is a good highly functioning product line.


How often are you following your hair care plan?  Hair is very trainable and will mold itself in the ways that you teach it.  Therefore if your hair is often tangled, frizzy, or dry, your hair will naturally remain in that state.  On the other hand, frequent detangling teaches you hair to lay in a more orderly fashion.  Be aware of the patterns you set for your hair.  It can make a tremendous difference.

Add a Trim

In a world where women are now choosing to do their own hair and manage their children’s hair on their own, sometimes we can get ahead of ourselves and not truly make the best choices.  Unless properly trained, you should see a professional to trim your ends with sharp shears at scheduled times.  Women who frequently heat style their hair will trim every 2 months.  Non-heat users will trim every 3-6 months depending on severity of the damage, your climate and styling habits.  Finally, a good look at your ends will tell you whether or not it’s time to trim.

Listen to your hair and do what’s best for your naturally curly hair care routine.  It’s worth it.


One thought on “A Healthy Naturally Curly Hair Care Regiment Will Always Include a Few Crucial Elements

  1. This post turned up at just the right time for me. My hair’s been getting frizzier recently so I really need to up the ante in terms of care. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

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